May 31, 2022

Room Renovations at NLI!

We are excited to share some much-anticipated photos of our ongoing 2022 room renovation project! A total of 9 rooms on the third floor have been completed as of March 2022, and now we are moving on to tackle the second floor. Each updated space has been the result of our incredibly hard-working team members and a shared dedication to the unwavering vision of our guests’ comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

Room Renos

Rooms 36,34,32, 30, 31, 33, 37, 38, and 39 we’re all stripped down to varying degrees and built back up to show off all that each has to offer. From brand new rooms carpet and tile bath floors, freshly painted ceilings and soothing wall tones, to new beds and furnishings, the stylistic features of each room have accentuated this historic property with modern conveniences.  We are already hearing back from some very happy guests, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the positive feedback surrounding such a major undertaking. Thank you!

Are you traveling with your family soon? May we recommend combining two of our recent upgrades – Room 36 and Room 34. These neighboring rooms, sharing an adjoining door, create the perfect suite for a family looking to stay together while enjoying a bit of space at the same time. 

Room 33 is a luxury room with gas fireplace, views of the gardens, whirlpool tub, Sitting and King bed. Spoil yourself! You deserve it.

Room 33 Reno NLI

Room 33 bed

Rooms 30 and 31 are suitable for many needs with a two-bed setup, sitting area, and desk/workspace. Comfortable for couples, families or the business traveler.  Come do a stay-cation and work while you play!

Room 30

Rm 30 Reno NLI

Rm 30 sitting area reno NLI

Room 31

Rm 31 reno NLI

Rm 31 Reno NLI

We are in process of publishing new photos for the the website rooms pages, so stay tuned for those updates!