April 11, 2022

Easter Sunday 2022 at the Coach House!

It’s funny, but Easter is one of those annual events that truly makes us so happy here at NLI! Given our location on Main Street, New London, the town green is just steps outside of our front door. Each year on Easter Sunday, children run around, smiling ear-to-ear as they hunt for colorful treasures hidden amidst the newly sprouted trees and grass. Families stand nearby sharing in the glee, maybe sipping on a perfectly curated latte from our friends across the street at Grounds coffee shop. It’s a time when everyone finally exhales. Winter has officially taken a step back, and we collectively know that warmer days are on the way!

What are your plans this Easter Sunday? Why not come join us for a lovely Easter Brunch? Here’s a sneak peek at the menu! Book your table now! Colorful Easter Eggs